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Allergen-free Canapes and Finger Food

Gluten free Chilli Beef Empanadas

Anybody who suffers from any type of food allergy will know just how frustrating it can be when you're invited to a party or event. If you're lucky, your hosts will attempt to make some sort of provision - a plate of crudities perhaps, or a bowl of tinned olives; if not, it's likely that you'll be the one smiling politely whilst declining an array of tasty morsels, all because they're packed full of dairy, gluten, nuts or egg or any other potentially harmful ingredient, which you simply cannot eat.

But it doesn't need to be this way. Here at Aspects, we've spent years making sure that people with specific dietary needs are properly catered for. So whether you a enjoy a vegetarian or vegan diet, or cannot eat foods containing gluten,, dairy or any other allergen, we have a unique range of canapes and finger food items designed just for you.

New for this Autumn, Winter and Christmas are these Piri Piri Empanadas. Available in either 'Chilli Beef', or 'Courgette and Eggplant', they're hand made and free from dairy, gluten, egg, nuts and mustard etc., and that includes the crisp batter-coating (made using tapioca flour).

If you're about to host a party or event and you want great food for everybody, call us or get in touch online and see what a difference we can make.

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