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Antonio, a member of our events team


Founded in the autumn of 1991 by Meg and Steve Hindle, Aspects is more than just a caterer, we're a team who love great food, great service and great parties!


Over the years, we've helped to create many memorable events - a birthday celebration hosted by Her Majesty the Queen, the launch of a new operating system for Microsoft, dinner for Coldplay and Graduation Ceremonies for 16,000 - and beautiful weddings, fabulous birthday parties, boardroom briefings and charity fund-raisers.


What makes us different? We make it personal. We're involved from the start to the finish of every event we cater for. So whether you work for a large organisation, or are someone wanting to organise something special at home, we'll listen to what you want to achieve and work with you to make it happen.


Of course, great parties need more than just fabulous food; like any good recipe, they need a careful balance of ingredients . . impeccable service, the right selection of drinks, fine china and glassware, all perfectly combined with the unique care and attention that we add to every occasion.


Whatever the reason for your next event, call us to see how we can help, and how we can make the difference.


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