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There are three golden rules you can adopt if you've been asked to organise a Christmas Party:-


1/ Don't panic!

2/ Spend your budget wisely.

3/ Call us! 


We know how important it is to get things right, and we know how much everyone looks forward to the festive season. Whether you're hosting a party for family & friends at home, or if you've been asked to put the shine into a corporate event for clients and colleagues, we're here to help.


First and foremost, our job is to serve great Christmas party food; but we can guide you on every other aspect of your event too: From finding a venue, or creating a space in your office, to choosing the right drinks, developing a theme and employing a friendly team of staff to look after your guests. 


Because every event is unique and every budget different, we'll never ask you to choose from a set menu. We'll take the time to find out about you and your guests, what you like to eat, and don't like to eat. We'll work around your budget and create a menu that reflects not only you but the very best of the festive season. 


Below you'll find examples of the type of menus we can create but remember, these are only ideas. The only missing ingredient is you. 


 Warming festive flavours 
 Fabulous party food  
 You do the fun, we'll do the work  

If you'd like to know more about how we can fill your Christmas party full of festive flavour, call us today.  


020 8690 9898 

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